Highland Cows

Highland Cattle have grazed the highlands of Scotland since about the 6th century. There is still a debate as to whether they originate in Scotland or if they were in imported from Scandinavia during Viking settlement. Either way these beautiful cattle are rugged and hardy enough to thrive in our Canadian winters.

Years of research, and even a trip to Scotland to see the cattle in their natural habitat, made us fall in love with this breed. We love everything from their cold hardiness, the long hairy coat, ability to forage, smaller more manageable size, sweeping horns, and calm temperament. 

We proudly are members of The Canadian Highland Cattle Society.

Our Fold currently consists of both registered and non-registered cattle. We have both a breeding program and grass-fed beef program.


Highland cattle are a slow maturing breed making their meat premium quality. It is lean, lower in fat and cholesterol than other cattle breeds, well marbled, high protein and excellent flavour. Their beef is so lean it is comparable with fish and chicken for fat content. Because of their warm insulated coat, they don’t put on fat the way other beef breeds do for warmth. Instead the meat is naturally marbled and doesn’t have the think layer fat around the body as with other breeds.

Our beef is 100% grass-fed. This ensures the meat is higher in omega-3 fatty acid, minerals, and antioxidant vitamins. Making an already higher quality meat even better and healthier for you.

We practice intensive pasture management on our farm. We rotate the cattle often and allow the pasture proper rest period between grazing times. This ensures a healthier pasture, that is better for the environment and produces better forage for the cattle.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our cattle.