Welcome to Primrose Lane Farm

Welcome to Primrose Lane FarmWelcome to Primrose Lane FarmWelcome to Primrose Lane Farm


Workshops & Events

Highland Cattle

Whether your looking for just a few blooms or enough florals for an event we have just what you need.


Highland Cattle

Workshops & Events

Highland Cattle

What's not to love about these hairy coo's?


Workshops & Events

Workshops & Events

Workshops & Events

Want to spend an evening at our flower farm creating beautiful things? Come check out what workshops we have available.


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Hey Friends!

We were recently featured on an episode of The Rural Woman Podcast. This is an amazing podcast that explores unique views from women in agriculture. Head to wherever you listen to podcast to subscribe and download this episode. If you do not have a podcast player, the episode can be listened to online by clicking below


    We live on a 130 acre farm in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. We are located in the very SW corner of Alberta near Waterton Lakes National Park. We were both born and raised in the area and are thrilled we get to raise our family here as well.  After spending 6 years in the city having babies and going to school, we knew we wanted to raise our family in the country. 


        We found an acreage that was perfect to start our homesteading dreams and begin our journey to self sufficiency. We grew a garden, kept chickens, and a few horses. This is where Primrose Lane Farm was born. We loved our tiny little homestead but soon realized that we needed more land to be able to produce everything we needed to be more self sufficient and fulfill all our farming dreams.


 Summer 2017 we moved into our current farmstead with rolling grassy hills, a 6 acre pond, and enough room for all our animals.

Since moving to our farmstead, we’ve been able to raise 100% of the meat we consume, ethically and sustainably. We grow the majority of our own organic produce, and usually have enough to share. There is so much satisfaction in having a hand in your food production, from the first seed in the ground all the way through to harvest. Knowing that our family has the healthiest food available makes all the hard work worth it.

We believe in the future, and we believe in leaving the earth better than we found it. We practice sustainable agriculture in both our cattle/pasture management and our flower farm. In our garden we apply permaculture elements where we can. Our compost and fertilizer come from our animals bedding and manure. We’ve used both pigs and chickens to till our soil while feeding themselves on roots and bugs. This reduces our need for gas powered tillers.

All our produce and flowers are grown organically to the highest standards. We are not certified organic, the cost of such would cripple a small scale operation like ours. But rest assured our organic practices far surpass any requirements for certification. We do not use any chemicals, pesticides or weed killers, even those allowed under organic certifications.  This makes our operation a lot more labour intensive, but we believe this practice provides a superior quality product compared to commercially grown products on the market.

We’ve been growing our flowers and selling at markets since 2015. Flowers are our way of sharing the beauty and bounty of nature, as they can evoke feelings of happiness and joy. Flowers are shared with family or friends at their happiest moments and their saddest. Whether your celebrating or grieving we want to be apart of the special moment in your life. We want to bring you just a little bit of beauty and joy.

I must have flowers always, and always. ~ Claude Monet



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